10 October 2012
6th World Bank Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium

 symposium_2 Symposium

President Prof. Bernard V. Lim and Vice President Dr. Peter Cookson Smith (also the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners) were invited to be guest speakers for the 6th World Bank Urban Research and Knowledge Symposium – Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future on 9 October 2012 in Barcelona. The presentation covered Cities and Environment – Environmental Agenda for Future Cities; From Policy to Practice.

 IMG_6816_r Meeting

They also both attended the Hong Kong Barcelona Think Tank meeting on 10 October 2012 at the Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion.

18 September 2012
HKIUD 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Dinner

HKIUD 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Dinner held on 18 September 2012.



The General Council (2012 – 2014) are as follows:

President                                                              Professor Bernard V. LIM, JP

Vice President (Professional Development)        Dr. Peter COOKSON SMITH

Vice President (International Relations)               Dr. Sujata GOVADA

Vice President (Local Policies)                            Mr. Vincent NG

Hon. Secretary                                                     Mr. Bernie HARRAD

Hon. Treasurer                                                     Mr. Charles LI

Council Members                                                 Ms. Carmen CHAN

                                                                             Mr. Ian HAU

                                                                             Mr. Jeff HO

                                                                             Mr. Ivan HO

                                                                             Professor John NG

                                                                           Mr. P. Y. TAM

                                                                             Mr. Stephen M. B. TANG, JP


SAM_0132_r IMG_2823_r

Talk by Mr. Christopher Law on the topic of “Ghostwriting the future of the city-Hong Kong Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2012”

IMG_2814_r SAM_0130_r



Presentation of Certificate to Advisor Mr. Jimmy Leung, JP


Presentation of Certificates to Corporate Affiliates: Architecture Design and Research Group Limited and Urban Design & Planning Consultants Limited

IMG_2830_r IMG_2832_r

Presentation of Full Membership Certificates: Mr. Sion Berian EDWARDS and Mr. Christopher LAW

IMG_2835_r IMG_2837_r 

Presentation of Full Membership Certificates: Mr. Shiu Kee TANG and Ms. Tristance KEE

 IMG_2838_r IMG_2840_r

Presentation of Full Membership Certificates: Mr. Jeff HO and Ms. Casey WANG


Presentation of Graduate Membership Certificate: Mr. Mohammad Sami Al HASAN

24 August 2012
Expectations towards Commission on Poverty Round Table Discussion

IMG_2691_r IMG_2692_r

President Prof. Bernard V. Lim attended Round Table Discussion on “Expectations towards Commission on Poverty”, organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service on 24 August 2012. The presentation covered ‘Planning/Urban Design. Poverty Alleviation. Affordable Housing’.

26 July 2012
City Gallery VIP Tour

IMG_2190_r IMG_2199_r

Planning Department invited HKIUD and members of other professional institutes to attend the City Gallery VIP Tour on 26 July 2012.

Vice President Dr. Peter Cookson Smith, Hon. Secretary Prof. John Ng, Council Members Mr. PY Tam and Mr. Bernie Harrad, Academic Advisor Prof. Mee Kam Ng, PAC Member Mr. Widemar Spruijt, MEC Member Ms. Canny Ma, Ms. Winnie Ho, Mr. Leung Kam Shing and Mr. Kyran Sze attended the tour.

17 July 2012
Barcelona/Hong Kong Think Tank on Sustainable Urbanism launching ceremony cum Barcelona Experience Semimar

 SAM_1917_r SAM_1932_r

Witnessed by Mr. Xavier Trias, the Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. C. S. Wai, Permanent Secretary (Works), Development Bureau, HKSARG and an audience of 200 urban development professionals the launching ceremony of this joint city initiative: the “Barcelona/Hong Kong Think Tank on Sustainable Urbanism” was successfully held at the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) on 17 July 2012.

SAM_1951_r SAM_1924_r

Vice President (Professional Development), Dr. Peter Cookson Smith, Vice President (International Relations), Dr. Sujata Govada, Vice President (Local Policies), Mr. Vincent Ng, Hon. Secretary, Prof. John Ng, Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Charles Li, Council Members, Mr. P.Y. Tam and Mr. Stephen Tang,JP attended the launching ceremony and Seminar.

SAM_1911_r SAM_1929_r

Mr. KK Ling, JP, Head of Energizing Kowloon East Office, Mr. Xavier Trias, the Mayor of Barcelona and Mr. Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona and Prof. Bernard V. Lim, President.

SAM_1959_r SAM_1971_r

The Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Mr. Antoni Vives kicked off the sharing experience with a presentation titled “A Different Waterfront Makes a City Different - Barcelona Experience” which highlighted Barcelona’s 20 year waterfront development experience to invited guests from the Hong Kong urban development community. Following the presentation, a panel of distinguished Hong Kong waterfront advocates, architects and urban planners shared their thoughts. The panelists were:

  • Mr. Nicholas Brooke, Chairman, Harbourfront Commission
  • Mr. Rocco Yim, Executive Director, Rocco Design Architects Ltd
  • Dr. Peter Cookson-Smith, President, Hong Kong Institute of Planners
  • Prof. Bernard V. Lim, JP, President, Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

17 July 2012
Agreement between the city of Barcelona and the Professional Institutes of Hong Kong

SAM_1867_r IMG_2007_r

On behalf of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, President Prof. Bernard V. Lim and Mr. Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Barcelona and Hong Kong Professional Institutes on 17 July 2012 for mutual collaboration in the area of Sustainable City Building and Urban Regeneration witnessed by Mr. Xavier Trias, the Mayor of Barcelona.

SAM_1888_r SAM_1902_r

Mr. Willy Müller, General Director, Barcelona Regional(from left), Mr. Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Xavier Trias, the Mayor of Barcelona, Prof. Bernard V. Lim, President, Dr. Peter Cookson-Smith, President of Hong Kong Institute of Planners and Mr. Conrad T C Wong, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Green Building Council.

07 July 2012
Energizing Kowloon East – Workshop with Kwun Tong Artists

SAM_1783_r SAM_1789_r

Energizing Kowloon East – Workshop organized by EKEO with Kwun Tong artists was successfully held on 7 July 2012. HKIUD members joined as facilitators of the workshop.

SAM_1797_r SAM_1810_r

Participants had been randomly distributed into 6 groups. Each group had 1 facilitator and 1 EKEO staff to assist the participants to record their ideas.

SAM_1821_r SAM_1826-r

Presentation by groups and conclusion by observers.

Public Affairs Committee Chairman Mr. Ivan Ho, Vice President Dr. Peter Cookson Smith, Hon. Treasurer Mr. Charles Li, Council Members Mr. PY Tam, Membership and Education Committee Member Mr. CW Ho, Ms. Tris Kee and Ms. Petrina Yiu attended as facilitators of the workshop. Vice President Mr. Vincent Ng attended as observer.

23 May 2012
Sharing Session on "Energizing Kowloon East"

SAM_1413_r IMG_1408_r 

Mr. LING Kar Kan, JP, Head of Pre-Kowloon East Development Office and Ms. Winnie Ho, Deputy Head of Pre-Kowloon East Development Office of the Development Bureau and their team briefed HKIUD Members on ‘Energizing Kowloon East’ on 15 May 2012.

04 May 2012
BEC EnviroSeries Conference 2012

IMG_1300_r IMG_1292_r

President Prof. Bernard V. Lim was invited as a guest speaker for EnviroSeries Conference, held by Business Environment Council on 4th May 2012. The presentation topic was ‘Challenges and Agenda in Sustainable Urban Design and Development: Hong Kong and Beyond’.

31 March 2012
HKIUD Urban Design Conference 2012

The 2012 HKIUD Conference "Urban Design as Public Policy" was successfully held on 31st March to 1st April 2012 at Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong.

The conference was highly praised by the Secretary for Development for the diverse range of speakers from all over the world, and our other sponsors, speakers and more than 200 participants as an effective platform for exchanging informative ideas and experiences from other cities. The conference helped raise the importance of Urban Design as an integral part of the planning and policy framework.


Welcome Remarks by Dr. Sujata Govada, Chairlady of the Conference Organizing Committee


Souvenir Presentation to Major SponsorsMr. Kieran O'Neill representing the Development Bureau


Souvenir Presentation to Sponsor – Mr. David Au representing the Urban Renewal Authority

HKIUD-20120331-0137_r HKIUD-20120331-0171_2

Opening Address and Keynote Speech by Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBS, JP, Secretary for Development, HKSAR Government

In her speech entitled ‘Public Policy Conducive to Urban Design in Hong Kong, Mrs. Lam described urban design as how we translate social, cultural and political aspirations of people into built form in cities. She described how Government polices conducive to urban design are currently under one administrative roof at the Development Bureau and that institutions have been set up and polices devised which address various urban design issues such as heritage conservation, the harbour, sustainable buildings, urban renewal and public open spaces. Examples of how urban design has driven planning and infrastructure changes were highlighted. In conclusion, urban design should prioritise design for the people and society through a process driven approach and should not underestimate the importance of small scale urban design.

HKIUD-20120331-0191_r HKIUD-20120331-0368_r

Keynote Speech by Mr. Richard A. Dimino (USA), President & CEO of A Better City on Transportation, Urban Design and Civic Engagement. The presentation centred on the mutual influences between transportation infrastructure and the built environment. For example, transport infrastructure can be integral to the built environment symbolising the image of the city as pathways, icons and as parts of the streetscape. Transport infrastructure can support new development to make an urban design statement or perform a functional role. On the other hand, new development supports new transport infrastructure.

HKIUD-20120331-0281_r HKIUD-20120331-0261_r

Panel Response / Q&A Session

Respondent: Mr. Nicholas Brooke, Chairman, Harbourfront Commission

Moderator: Mr. Vincent Ng, Vice President (Local Policies)

Session 1: From Strategic Vision toRealization


Panel Speaker Presentation by Mr. Arun Jain (USA), Board Member International Federation of Housing and Planning on New Frameworks for Better Community. Cities are created through a mix of circumstance and deliberation over time. Their relative success and that of the communities in them is largely based upon their current and inherited social, political and economic cultures. In uncertain times, the challenge for cities is to find better ways to ensure that the overall quality of urban life improves in the face of the absence of stagnation of growth and resources. Time, money and attention need to be directed to the full dimensions of sustainability. This presentation offered insights into the issues and processes through which these concerns were being addressed based upon a strategic urban design framework developed in Portland Oregon, current efforts to plan and design for uncertainty and the presenters current role chairing an international think tank.

HKIUD-20120331-0398_2 HKIUD-20120331-0359_r

Panel Speaker Presentation by Dr. Liu Thai Ker (Singapore), Director of RSP Architects Planner & Engineers (Pte) Ltd on Urban Design Begins at Master Planning. This talk attempted to explain how the master planning process contributes powerfully to laying the foundation of an urban image for a city. It touched on the various roles, beyond visual effects of urban design, and then brought out the flavour of the urban characters as prescribed at the planning stage. It concluded by discussing how to make the best use of architectural design for the larger purpose of creating a beautiful urban image for the city.

 HKIUD-20120331-0447_r HKIUD-20120331-0448_r

Panel Response / Q&A Session

Respondent: Dr. Sujata Govada, Chairlady of the Organizing Committee

Moderator: Dr. Peter Cookson Smith, Vice President (Professional Development)

HKIUD-20120331-0512_r HKIUD-20120331-0504_r

Lunch Keynote Presentation by Mr. Daniel Hernandez (USA), Managing Director of Jonathan Rose Companies on Capturing Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Cities for Sustainable Development. New models of public-private partnership are needed and an integrated systems approach is demanded to harness the economic capacity of cities. Highlighting various planning and development projects, the presentation illustrated ways of building the economic and physical capital of cities, as well as the human capital of neighborhoods.


Session 2: Public Participation in the Urban Design Process


Panel Speaker Presentation by Mr. Peter Jensen (Australia), Chair Urban Design Chapter of Planning Institute of Australia on Creating Places for (and with) People – Contemporary Australian Policy and Practice. This presentation outlined the increasing role of the Australian and State Governments in the urban design “space”, and highlighted the South Australian Government’s formation of an Integrated Design Commission and Design Review Panels which promote the inter-disciplinary approach advocated throughout the urban design process. Case studies showed how new participatory models are being developed for undertaking and reviewing integrated urban design projects.


Panel Speaker Presentation by Prof. Wu Jiang (China), Professor, Vice President of Tongji University on the Guideline for Administrative Control on the Historical Streets. This presentation showed a general comprehensive control guideline for the Xuhui District of Shanghai which assisted the local government in conducting their daily management in the historical streets from the different aspects of public spaces, buildings and other visual elements.

HKIUD-20120331-0640_r HKIUD-20120331-0642_r

Panel Response / Q&A Session

Respondent: Mrs. Sorais Lee, Head of Kai Tak Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department

Moderator: Prof. Mee Kam Ng, Academic Advisor

Session 3: Public / Private Partnership


Panel Speaker Presentation by Mr. Kevin Murray (United Kingdom), Chairman of Academy of Urbanism on Upfront Public Engagement. The presentation explored some of the key lessons behind community and stakeholder engagement and with reference to a range of techniques and methods drew out key lessons in how to facilitate, engage and even empower communities through careful planning, strategy as well as training the key people to help achieve better outcomes with a greater sense of ownership.


Panel Speaker Presentation by Mr. Takayuki Kubo (Japan), Senior Researcher of Institute for Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation on Urban Regeneration in Tokyo. The private sector has played key roles in promoting urban regeneration in Tokyo. The presentation showed the example of Roppongi Hills, the largest private based urban regeneration project in Japan, is also known around the world as a highly successful mixed use project.

HKIUD-20120331-0780_r HKIUD-20120331-0777_r

Panel Response / Q&A Session

Respondent: Mr. Raymond Chow, Executive Director of Hongkong Land

Moderator: Mr. Donald Choi, Public Affairs Committee Member, MHKIUD


Day 2 Workshop



Keynote Presentation by Mr. David Sim (Denmark), Senior Consultant and Director of Gehl Architects on Life between Buildings – The Human Dimension in Planning. David Sims explained and illustrated the typical aspirations of people for the design and use of public spaces. Noting that the way in which people use spaces is universal, cycling, walking, public transport and open spaces were identified as key elements of great cities. Time Square, Columbus Circle and Madison Square in New York and Christchurch in New Zealand amongst others were cited as prominent examples.

SAM_0247_r SAM_0254_r

Breakout Sessions:1. From Strategic Vision to Realization

Moderators: Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel and Prof. Hendrik Tieben, Academic Advisor

2. Participation in the Urban Design Process

Moderators: Ms. Tristance Kee and Mr. Bernie Harrad, Council Member

3. Public Private Partnership

Moderators: Prof. Stefan Al and Prof. Laurence Liauw

SAM_0267_r SAM_0280_r

Wrap Up Session

The outcomes of the workshop discussions will be reported in due course.

DSC01070_r DSC01082_r

Tour 1: Walking Tour from Central to Sheung Wan leaded by Dr. Peter Cookson Smith, Vice President (Professional Development)

SAM_0293_r SAM_0296_r

Tour 2: Walking Tour from Mong Kok to Olympic Station leaded by Mr. Oren Tatcher, Conference Organising Committee Member

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