Academic Accreditation
Why HKIUD Accreditation?

An HKIUD-accredited programme is a recognition of its success in imparting substantive knowledge, techniques and skills, and ethical values to its graduates to ensure competence in pursuing a career of Professional Urban Designer meeting HKIUD’s Professional Core Competent Framework Guidelines.
The ultimate objective is to promote the general advancement of urban design standards in Hong Kong and Asia.
In recent years, the HKIUD has accredited urban design courses at both the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The HKIUD will also consider granting accreditation to universities elsewhere outside Hong Kong.

Benefits of Accreditation

Graduates of HKIUD-accredited urban design programme with a minimum of 2 years of experience in urban design whether for example in private practice, teaching or the public sector are eligible for application for HKIUD Full Membership.

Accreditation Criteria

A track record of producing competent graduates for not less than 5 years who meet the standard of the HKIUD Professional Core Competencies Framework Guidelines.

Validation Process

Application is opened from September to December each year by written submission to the Membership and Accreditation Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. The relevant documentation pursuant to the HKIUD Accreditation Submission Guidelines at least 6 weeks before the validation visit.


HKIUD Professional Core Competent Framework Guidelines [PDF file]
HKIUD Accreditation Submission Guidelines [PDF file]
香港城市設計學會-專業核心職能架構指引[PDF file]
香港城市設計學會-認證指引/認證申請指引[PDF file]

In Hong Kong, the following urban design degrees are accredited by the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD).

Name of Institutions

Name of Degrees

Accredited from

Accredited until

City University of Hong Kong

Master of Urban Design and Regional Planning



The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Master Of Science In Urban Design



The University of Hong Kong

Master Of Urban Design