07 Jun 2023/
IISO’s Sharing Session with HKIUD on (i) the Feasibility Study on Pedestrian Environment and Traffic Improvements to Bring Vibrancy to the Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen Waterfront and Ap Lei Chau North Areas; and (ii) the Round-the-Island Trail Project

The Chief Executive announced in his 2022 Policy Address to build a "Round-the-Island" Trail of about 60 km long on Hong Kong Island connecting the waterfront promenades on the northern shore and a number of existing promenades and countryside walking trails in the Southern District. Invigorating Island South Office IISO co-ordinates works with the relevant departments to take forward this project. The Civil Engineering and Development Department will commence studies and design from this year onward as well as commence some of the works progressively, with a view to connecting 90% of the Trail within five years. HKIUD is welcomed to offer views and opinions on the Trail project.

IISO had organised a briefing on Invigorating Island South for HKIUD members on 7 June 2023.