23 Mar 2022/

HKIA x HKIUD Webinar: Northern Metropolis Development Strategy

The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects jointly organized a joint event in Northern Metropolis Development Strategy with more than 530 professional including architect, planner, surveyor and urban designer attending online on 23 March 2022.

Prof. Prof. Kar-Kan LING, SBS, Director, Design Institute for Social Innovation, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University shared on the following key topics.

  1. Strategic Planning Vision: Integration with Shenzhen, GBA and the Nation as a whole

  2. Key Infrastructure Development Projects

  3. Liveability: Land Supply/ Housing/ Economic Development/ Job Creation 
  1. Proactive Conservation
    Ecology x Biodiversity x Carbon Neutral
  1. Creation of Unique Metropolitan Landscape
    Urban & Rural Integration;
    - Development & Conservation Co-existence

Guests Panelists:

  • Ms. Ginger KIANG, Deputy Director of Planning/Territorial, Planning Department
  • Mr. Gavin Tse, Deputy Project Manager (North), Civil Engineering and Development Department
  • Ms. Kaman Kan, Senior Town Planner (Special Duties), Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO).

Mr. Jacky Cheung, Deputy Chair of HKIA PUDC x HKIUD PAC.

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