12 Jun 2021/

Tour to Wan Chai Harbourfront

HKIUD held a tour to visit the latest developments of the Victoria Harbour waterfront promenade in Wan Chai on 12th June 2021.

With Harbourfront Commission’s and Development Bureau’s support, HKIUD had the opportunity to invite Mr. Vincent NG, Chairman of the Harbourfront Commission, to offer a 2-hour tour to a group of 15 HKIUD members.

From the history of Hong Kong’s waterfront development to the implementation of the newest and upcoming features of the various waterfront sections of the promenade, Vincent passionately talked about the nuts and bolts for achieving such vibrant and heavily-used promenades.

Connector (promenade west of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)

Pierside Precinct (promenade west of Wan Chai Ferry Pier)

Watersports and Recreation Precinct