24 May 2019/
Shenzhen University Planning Urban Futures
Shenzhen University Planning Urban Futures

The students from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Shenzhen University are in their final project review period for urban planning. Last week, Casey Wang and Barry Wilson were pleased to review groups of students on behalf of HKIUD, and provide our insights on their final works including the cases of Nantou Ancient Town, border development of Zhuhai and Macau and Guanghai Town of Jiangmen, Guangdong.

Background and Introduction
Nantou Ancient Town
The development of Shenzhen is faced with the bottleneck constraints in land, environment, population, energy and other aspects. Shenzhen now is actively promoting urban renewal and transformation, urban functional structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, Among them, most of the urban renewal is completed through demolition and reconstruction, which brings relevant thinking while drastically changing the original form and culture of the city. On the other hand, the old village retained a certain amount of traditional dwellings and part of cultural relics, faced with crisis of survival and development.     

Zhuhai-Macau Border Development
In 2017, China proposed the space development strategy of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area" to upgrade the development of the Bay Area to the national strategic level. The Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau bridge offcially opened on October 23, 2018 is conductive to the exchange of personnel, economic and trade exchanges between the three places. It is conducive to promoting the development of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, helping to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the PRD region and supporting the integration of Hong Kong and Macau. Can planning and design play a more active role in undertaling the development vision and set goals of this District?

Guanghai Town
Guanghai Town is located in the south of Taishan, near the coastal waters of Taishan City. The waterway is 96 nautical miles from Hong Kong and 52 nautical miles from Macao. Guang Hai town is connected with Duanfeng town in the northwest. Doushan town in the northeast, Haiqian town in the west, Chixi town in the east. Shangchuan in the south and across the sea, Guanghai Town has a superior geographical position and developed land and water traffic, which is the key traffic rush of Taishan. The coastline is 14 kilometers long.

List Reviewers:
Alexander Zipprich 
Professor, Department of Urban Planning. Shenzhen University

Barry Wilson
Vice President of Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

Casey Wang
Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design

Cen Zhang
Chief of Investment Section. Nanshan District Development and Reform Bureau. Shenzhen.

Darren Snow
Assistant Professor. Chinese University of Hong Kong

Datian Huang
Professor. Department of Urban Planning. Shenzhen University, First-Class Registered Architect of China, First-Class Registered Architect of Japan and Registered Urban Planner of Chind

Erming Liu
Professor, National Registered Architect. Department of Architecture,Shenzhen University

Gregory Yager
​President and CEO of GW design company (Basedin Las Vegas Nevada USA)
Former Senior Vice President of Callison RTKL.
Secretary for the International region of the American institute or Architects.

Nan Huang
Wancun Operating Partner, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Wanke Development Co, Ltd. Project Leader of Nantou Ancient Town

Ruobing Zhang
Deputy Planner. China Academy of Urban Planning & Design SHENZHEN 
Professor-level Senior Urban Planner and Registered Urban Pianner.

Weidong Huang 
Professor-level Senior Planner. Vice President of Urban Planning & Design institute of Shenzhen

Xiaojun Rao
Professor, Department of Architecture, Shenzhen University

Xiaodong Wang
Senior Architect of Shenzhen Huasen Architectural and Engineering Design Consulting Co-Ltd

Yan Zhang
Professor, Department of Urban Planning. Shenzhen University

​Yong Li​
Chairman and Professor of Landscape Architecture Department. Shenzhen University

Yongwei Zhao
Professor, Department of Architecture, Shenzhen University

Yuxing Zhang​
Professor-level Senior Architect, School of Architecture and Urban Planning.Shenzhen University