1 Feb 2023/
Local to Global - Urban Design Narratives from Around the World Series (1):
Planning and Urban Design in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East Region

This trend of transformative mega and giga projects have been part of Western Asia (Middle East) development proposition. The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai staked as an early initiator and trend leader for the past two decades. This model has now been adopted, multiplied, and leapfrogged to such places as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

KSA is now experiencing its golden age of urbanization and built form growth and transformation, numerous projects are in varying stages of development with more to be imminently announced. Many of these projects are focused and targeted towards national economic diversification and citizen economic and social prosperity. Regional, city and neighborhood plans are all under review and re-imagination to ensure they are citizen centric, considering culture, mobility, climate, health, and wellbeing, etc.

  • Introduction to Western Asia (KSA and the ME Region)
  • The drivers for development in KSA and the Region
  • Key project examples
Date: 1 Feb 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Language: English
Fee: Free Admission
Quota: 500 Persons (First-come-first-served)
Format: Online participation via ZOOM (Pre-registration required)
Opening Remarks
Speaker Presentation: Mr. Maysho Prashad
Q&A Session
Keynote Speakers:
Mr. Maysho Prashad
, Design Coordination Manager, The Line @ NEOM
Mrs. Lok Hom Ning, Sam
, Vice President (External Affairs) @ HKIUD

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