Council Members

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the General Council, the members of which are:


Mr. Barry WILSON


Since joining the Institute in 2012, I have been pleased to both witness and directly contribute to its growing influence within research, knowledge sharing, and policy shaping of the urban environment, not just within Hong Kong but also within the China Greater Bay Area. The 2020 formation of the Greater Bay Area Urban Designer Alliance, of which HKIUD is a founding member, was significant in promoting collaboration amongst urban design professionals, practices and organisations, including urban designers, architects, landscape architects, planners and engineers, and in subsequently establishing common standards and professional recognition for urban design practitioners across the Greater Bay Area.

With major new town projects announced for Hong Kong, there is much work to do in promoting significantly better development pathways than those experienced to date: - pathways that place emphasis on quality metrics over quantity; that address poor walkability and vehicle dominated streets; that prioritise accessibility and connectivity for the ageing population; and pathways that more fully appreciate the financial, physical and mental health benefits of a better living environment.

I believe strongly that through the vital contributions of members to the work of the Institute and its sub-committees, we can continue to raise public awareness of the importance of providing a high quality urban environment, support better informed decision making in government, and improve collaboration on issues across the Mainland and wider international borders.



Vice President
(Local Affairs):

Mr. Benny CHAN
FHKIUD, HKIA, Registered Architect

In the era with a global population approaching 8 billion, there is a pressing need for innovative urban design to maximize land use efficiency, as well as satisfy the versatile and diversified needs of modern communities. While the HK Government have committed to overhaul the problematic land policy to address the quantity side of the issue, the importance of good urban design in creation of an efficient, liveable, healthy and sustainable city should not be overlooked. HKIUD has been advocating good urban design for over 10 years, and we are committed to continue the mission.

Many global problems, e.g. the imminent climatic crisis, call for immediate joint efforts of all countries and cities together. With the inauguration of the Greater Bay Area Urban Designers Alliance in 2020, HKIUD has taken a lead to establish a platform for cross-boundary academic and professional exchanges among professionals of different backgrounds, to create synergy for elevation of the standard of urban design, not only in Hong Kong, but also in the Greater Bay Area. In the long run, such cooperation should be further extended to Greater China, Asian Pacific and globally.

Vice President
(Professional Development):

Prof. Alain Joseph Franck CHIARADIA
FHKIUD, Architect d.p.l.g., French Govt, Academician, Academy of Urbanism

To supports the vision of the President and the missions of HKIUD Committees with focus:

  • Mainstream urban design in government decisions on the BE
  • Facilitate young urban design professionals in interfacing with employers and stakeholders
  • Recognition of urban designer as a profession
  • To foster excellence in Urban Design education, research and knowledge exchange
  • To promote HKIUD as a professional qualification in Hong Kong SAR, GBA and beyond
  • To liaise with overseas urban design professional bodies to advance urban design excellence
  • To contribute to urban design knowledge, best practices, to enable sharing of knowledge and best practice
Vice President
(External Affairs):

Ms. Sam LOK

Urban designers seem to know everything about the city and create spaces that define its character. Urban design exists in every step of a development process, from its very beginning when the site is yet to be formed, until and beyond its completion with everyday usage and management. Urban design is always a powerful mean shaping the future of our city.

I look forward to working with you to actively expand HKIUD’s influence internationally and in Mainland China especially the Greater Bay Area, promote quality urban environment through idea exchange, professional dialogue and sharing of best practices, and advocate urban design excellence to make the world a better place to live.

Hon Secretary

Ms. Sunnie LAU
FHKIUD, Registered Architect (HKIA), RIBA, AIA (Assoc.)

Urban Designer contributes to society in two ways. Firstly, by making good urban design (including architecture) and public spaces for enrichment of liveability and sustainability. Secondly, by educating good designers and promote innovation. Such belief has guided my professional development and pursuit. I am both practitioner and educator. I promote architecture by designing, exhibiting, writing as outreach, and engaging communities. These endeavors included publicizing ongoing research topic on Inclusive Innovation & Growth; ‘Urban Mobility & Smart Infrastructure’; Facilitating dialogue between professionals and academia at various cross disciplinary platforms (such as 2018 Urban Design Conference on Actions for Active Ageing - Urban Design for All);) and especially among young members.

I believe in human-centric design promotes inclusive communities – Urban designers play an important role within the built environment, in order to bridge boundaries between professionals and local stakeholders… I believe my skills and experience can be a positive addition to the coming council if I am being elected.

Hon Treasurer

Mr. Anthony CHEUNG
MHKIUD, RA(HK), RA, California, USA, PRC Class 1, RA, China, AP, HKIA, LEED AP, BIM Pro, CC BIM Manager, CIC

Mr. Anthony Cheung holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from the Columbia University and a Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the University of Southern California. Since he joined Ronald Lu & Partners in 1998, he has applied his extensive knowledge and expertise to a diverse range of projects, including those which re-stitch urban fabrics and reshape the skyline and harbourfront of Hong Kong and a number of cities in Asia. He’s an expert in highly complex Transit-Oriented Development, and have been involved in Shanghai TODTOWN, the first real TOD in mainland China; Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre; Zhuhai Unipark; Beijing City Next; and Shenzhen Pinghu Comprehensive Development. He is the published author of the book “High Density Transit Orientation Development” (ISBN 978-988-16061-5-0).  He is also a member of the Harbourfront Commission of Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Anthony is a frequent public speaker and guest lecturer.

Council Members

Mr. Joel CHAN

Mr. Jacky CHEUNG

Dr. Sunny CHOI

Mr. Dennis HO

Dr. Peter Cookson SMITH
FHKIUD, PhD, Dip Arch, AA Dip Plg, MHKIP, RPP

Mr. Peter WU
MHKIUD, MRTPI, RPP, Beam Pro, Qianhai Registered Urban and Rural Planner

Mr. Franklin YU

Immediate Past President

Mr. Donald Choi
Architect AIBC, MRAIC, RIBA, RAIA, FHKIA, FHKIUD, Registered Architect, Authorised Person, PRC Class 1 Registered Architect