Our Structure


Council Members

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the General Council, the members of which are:


Mr. Donald CHOI

MHKIUD, HKIA, RIBA, RAIA, AIBC, RAIC, APEC Architect, AP, Registered Architect – HKSAR

Let’s work together under HKIUD to enhance our built environment and Hong Kong’s livability. I believe in quality urban design and walkable urbanism. I am committed to promote the use of urban design professionals in city planning and the sharing of best practices through inter-disciplinary collaboration with all stakeholders. As an institute, we shall expand our influence on urban livability, health and wellbeing by advocating resilient urban design for all to enable better cities.



Vice President
(Local Affairs):

Mr. Benny CHAN
MHKIUD, HKIA, Registered Architect

Piecemeal design for individual buildings, open spaces, infrastructure and other urban elements could no longer satisfy the versatile and diversified needs of modern communities. It calls for multi-disciplinary and integrated urban design to take care of the well-beings of all walks of people in modern cities. HKIUD is an open platform for academic and professional exchanges among professionals of different backgrounds, to create synergy for elevation of the standard of urban design, not only in Hong Kong, but also in the Greater Bay Area, Greater China, Asian Pacific and globally. It requires all nations to work together to tackle the challenges in environmental protection and public health that we are facing. With my experience in public works in the nearly 30-year career in the Architectural Services Department, and community services in HKIUD, HKIA and Architects Registration Board in past years, I am committed to contribute to the missions of HKIUD.

Vice President
(Professional Development):

Dr. Peter Cookson SMITH

With long urban design and planning experience in Hong Kong, I would hope to serve the HKIUD in achieving a liveable and sustainable city and to enable the institute to achieve its rightful position as a professional platform for betterment of the built environment and key decision making.
Specifically I would support and work towards the following:

  • The continued promotion of HKIUD as the vehicle to achieve a continually advancing forum for the incorporation of urban design considerations in all aspects of planning and environmental design;
  • Promotion of urban design understanding to professional bodies, students and community organisations
  • Contribution to public affairs in relation to all issues that have a bearing on urban design; and
  • Pave the way for recognition of Urban Design as a recognised profession in its own right for purposes of recruitment within both public and private sectors.
Vice President
(External Affairs):

Mr. Barry WILSON

Despite excellent public transportation, a population that walks more than any other city and plentiful funds in the public coffers, the Hong Kong public realm remains a miserable battleground of roads, barriers and inaccessible public space. Our ageing population is concerned about their health and wellness in the urban environment. We need new methods of assessment, monitoring and information sharing in order to kickstart new public space development that values long term quality over short term cost effectiveness. We need new forms of collaboration, investment and management that reduces the onus on government to deliver formative solutions. We need proactive lobbying, discussion and above all action to urgently deliver awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainable, futureproofed solutions to urban living.

Hon Secretary

Ms. Sunnie LAU
MHKIUD, Registered Architect (HKIA), RIBA, AIA (Assoc.)

Urban Designer contributes to society in two ways. Firstly, by making good urban design (including architecture) and public spaces for enrichment of liveability and sustainability. Secondly, by educating good designers and promote innovation. Such belief has guided my professional development and pursuit. I am both practitioner and educator. I promote architecture by designing, exhibiting, writing as outreach, and engaging communities. These endeavors included publicizing ongoing research topic on Inclusive Innovation & Growth; ‘Urban Mobility & Smart Infrastructure’; Facilitating dialogue between professionals and academia at various cross disciplinary platforms (such as 2018 Urban Design Conference on Actions for Active Ageing - Urban Design for All);) and especially among young members. I believe in human-centric design promotes inclusive communities – Urban designers play an important role within the built environment, in order to bridge boundaries between professionals and local stakeholders… I believe my skills and experience can be a positive addition to the coming council if I am being elected.

Hon Treasurer

Mr. Anthony CHEUNG
MHKIUD, RA(HK), RA, California, USA, PRC Class 1, RA, China, AP, HKIA, LEED AP, BIM Pro, CC BIM Manager, CIC

Anthony holds a Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the University of Southern California and a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. He joined Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) in 1998 when he was back to Hong Kong from the U.S., and has since applied his extensive knowledge to a diverse range of significant projects such as commercial, retail, mixed-use, residential, institutional, master planning and transit-oriented development (TOD).

Mr. Cheung has been involved with a number of large scale transit-oriented master planning and development projects, which include the 475m Wuhan Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre, a large-scale TOD built over the existing railway and metro lines in Shanghai (TODTOWN), a 20,000-family residential estate above MTRC Depot in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong (LOHAS Park), etc. He was also the design director or lead designer in a numerous of award winning projects including the revitalisation of the China Resources Building in Hong Kong, Lake Dragon luxury villa projects in Guangzhou, the Performing Arts Block of King George V School in Hong Kong, the revitalisation of the Peak Tower in Hong Kong and the YWCA Sydney Leong Holiday Lodge in Hong Kong.

Mr. Cheung is also the director of RLP’s Building Information Modeling Specialist Group (BIMSG) since it has been established in 2010. Under his leadership, BIM is well accepted within the company and has been applied in many of RLP projects successfully, especially in the Eastern Advanced Medical Centre and Goldin Financial Global Centre in Hong Kong.

Council Members

Prof. Alain Joseph Franck CHIARADIA
MHKIUD, Architect d.p.l.g., French Govt, Academician, Academy of Urbanism

Dr. Sunny CHOI

Mr. Charles LI

Ms. Sam LOK

MHKIUD, FHKIP, RTPI The Zimbabwe Institute of Regional and Urban Planners, RPP

Mr. Maysho PRASHAD

Mr. Po-yiu TAM

Various committees comprising members of the Institute are responsible for specific areas of the Institute’s affairs. To date these committees include:

From time to time, the Council may set up taskforces to handle certain issues which demand particular attention such as upcoming conferences, awards competitions, annual dinner, and revisions to Articles and bye-laws etc.

Articles and Bye-law

The Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design is a company limited by guarantee which was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance in 2010.
The Institute is governed by a memorandum and by articles of association. Together with a set of bye-laws now approved at the EGM held on 5th May 2011 these instruments cover, amongst other things, the classes and rights of and requirements of entry to membership of the Institute, the composition and powers of the council to manage the Institute and the conduct of general meetings.

HKIUD Articles of Association [PDF file]
HKIUD Bye-laws [PDF file]

Code of Conduct

Essentially, the code will spell out the aspirations and vision of the Institute. It will promote high standards of practice by establishing a framework for the acceptable professional behaviour and responsibilities of members. Rules will be incorporated to apply and enforce the code where breaches occur.

HKIUD Code of Conduct [PDF file]